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Daphne and Apollo


H 101 x W 30 x D 30 cm
H 86 x W 38 x D 25

Glazed earthenware and mixed media

Apollo was struck by Cupid’s arrow which caused his state of limerence. This version of Apollo shows the young athlete, with lyre under his arm searching for Daphne via an app on his phone.

Daphne is the Limerent object – the focus of Apollos infatuation. Daphne had been shot by Cupid’s lead-tipped arrow causing her to be impervious to love and spurn the advances of
Apollo. This Daphne is holding golden branches to disguise herself as a laure tree. The birds pulling at her hair are a recurring motif in Partington’s work and refer to familiar Disney
interpretations of dark tales.

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